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Only the best and most beautiful nugs go into our jars. StayElevated flower is precisely cured, hand trimmed and packaged in premium Reserve Jars with Child Resistant lids. We strive for consistent quality and experience across every harvest.

Wedding Crasher

The definition of a wedding crasher is someone who attends a wedding uninvited. Our strain Wedding Crasher is ALWAYS invited to the wedding due to its ability to produce happy, relaxing and focused effects. This hybrid strain boasts both sedating and energizing properties which makes it the perfect date for a wedding, gathering, night out, or even a night in! You can expect a mellow, earthy smell due to the strain’s parent genetics: Purple Punch and Wedding Cake. The taste is sweet, punchy, and full-bodied. The Wedding Crasher high is long-lasting and offers a mental clarity that other indica-dominant hybrid strains only dream about.

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Wedding Crasher

Cannabinoid Info.

Total Cannabinoids

24.193% %

Total THC

20.102% %

Total CBD

ND %


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