Elevate Your Workout

Elevate Your Workout

Our bodies need it.  It’s an essential part of our overall health. But exercise can take its toll. Sometimes we need inspiration to get to the gym.  We need a push to get through a work out. Or a little extra recovery help.  StayElevated is here to help. The StayElevated “Elevate your Workout” is an assortment of pre-rolls designed to serve as your work-out partner.  They can motivate, keep you going and even help you recover. And sometimes they give you permission for a little break.

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Comes With 5 Pre-Rolls

01. Cheat Day

We can’t all be perfect. Take a day off.

1 grams

02. Meal Replacement

A fun way to save a few calories.

.75 grams

03. For Emergency

This little guy is here for any unexpected workout glitch.

.5 grams

04. Muscle Recovery

Don’t just take our word for it, this science.

.75 grams

05. Monday Motivation

The weekend is over. Back to the gym.

.5 grams

Cannabinoid Info.

Total Cannabinoids

25.13% %

Total THC

22.19% %

Total CBD

00.34% %


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  • Mycrene
  • Limonene
  • Caryophyllene