Elevate Your Everyday

Elevate Your Everyday

The daily grind can be exhausting. You can find yourself on a treadmill of apathy just waiting to finish the day and get onto the next. But you’re better than that. The StayElevated “Elevate your Everyday” is designed to help. With a pre-roll designed to fit into the start, middle and end of your week to help keep you above this things that can get you down.

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Comes With 5 Pre-Rolls

01. Life Of The Party

The perfect puff, puff, pass staple.

1 grams

02. Hair Of The Dog

Hungover? Challenge Accepted.

.75 grams

03. For Emergency

This little guy is here for you during any of life's little fires.

.5 grams

04. Hump Day

Sometimes you need a little push to get you over the hump.

.75 grams

05. Jump Start

Monday's are tough. Put a little pep in your step.

.5 grams

Cannabinoid Info.

Total Cannabinoids

25.13% %

Total THC

22.19% %

Total CBD

00.34% %


  • Myrcene
  • Limonene
  • Caryophyllene