The Cultivation

StayElevated genetics are carefully selected and tested to fit your active lifestyles. We strive to optimize our strains’ terpene profiles for an entourage effect that lets your body and mind relax but still allowing you to raise your game when you need it.

The Art of Cultivation

Great cultivators are not just born, but they’re raised through years of experience and trial and error. While the journey never ends and perfection never achieved, we are always coming closer to realizing the full potential of our strains through our cultivation techniques.

Stay Elevated Genetics
Stay Elevated Genetics
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What Sets Our Strains Apart

This is as much art as it is science.  At StayElevated, we take great pride in our years of cultivation knowledge that allows us to grow premium flower. Our promise to you is that we will always be improving our craft.

Handcrafted Trimming

We are a premium brand of craft cannabis.That means we cut no corners in the care and precision of our flower. We care for each and every plant. One by one.  From cloning to veg to flower to harvest to cure to trim and finally packaging.   We don’t use big machines or blunt instruments. The craft lies in our own hands and our passion grows the highest quality product possible.

Larry OG
San Fernando Valley OG
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The Facility

The StayElevated flagship facility is located in the heart of the San Fernando Valley. It is designed with true craft cannabis in mind, focused on the precise balance of scale and quality. StayElevated maintains a grow of 8,000 square feet of canapy. With dedicated space for R&D and post-production, StayElevated’s fully integrated facility design is a key component in delivering a premium lifestyle cannabis experience.