Inside The Box Of StayElevated

Farmers Cup

Award Winning Cannabis Brand

Award Winning

Our attention to detail in our indoor cultivation process has positioned us as a premium, award-winning cannabis brand in Southern California. In 2021 alone, we brought home 4 awards from the San Diego Farmers Cup for our bestselling strain, GMO Cookies. We plan to continue bringing home awards for our smokability, consistency in lab testing results, and our precision craft cultivation. As a boutique indoor cannabis brand, we have big goals ahead and one of those goals is to never compromise on the quality of our flower and concentrates.

Who We Are

Life has its share of challenges. There is never a shortage of things that can get you down.

StayElevated wants to help with a line of premium flower based cannabis products that are designed to elevate your everyday.

It can mean taking the edge off a tough day or giving you an added edge for your daily work and play. StayElevated is a cannabis experience that fits your lifestyle and pursuit of your best self.

Cannabis that fits your lifestyle

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Born & Raised In The Valley

Our cutting-edge indoor facility is centrally-located in the diverse hills of the San Fernando Valley. Our roots are, quite litrelly, planted here. We were born and raised in the San Fernando Valley and have always felt a unique connection to the Los Angeles community.

You'll hear this often, but our product is designed to keep you above the things that get you down. And that can truly be anything.

We acknowledge that there are no two people alike in LA. Everyone's here for a unique reason. The culture that Los Angeles brings to the table is unlike no other, and we know that our weed has something to offer to anyone (over the age of 21). Our cannabis is grown locally, and you can feel the love and care that goes into the plant and the process every time you smoke StayElevated.

Giving Back

As a former enlisted Marine within our family-run business, our founder and head cultivator understands the challenges that face our nation's defenders and first responders who each day protect and defend our great country.

Because of this, StayElevated is proud to support the mental health needs of our nations service members, first responders and veterans.

We will continue to expand our support of keeping our country strong by taking care of those who serve.