Published on: August 17, 2021

Our strain, GMO Cookies, is on FIRE this year. GMO Cookies, sometimes referred to as “Garlic Cookies” is a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Chemdawg – both iconic indica-dominant strains from the widely-respected and known OG Family. Over the past year we have spent countless hours perfecting the cultivation of this crowd-pleasing strain and our hard work has paid off. We entered and participated in the 2021 San Diego Cannabis Farmers Market’s virtual cup this spring, as well as their very first annual concentrate cup.

We entered our GMO Cookies strain for the first time as Licensed Flower and Licensed Concentrates. We believe that if you find the right strain that provides consistent output and lab results, that it can be great across all smoking mediums – whether that be flower or concentrate. We were honored to see that across both cannabis cups that GMO Cookies reigned as a consumer favorite in both consumption forms.

The effects of GMO Cookies are often described as mentally uplifting with a euphoric high. This strain offers a body high that relieves pain and leaves you feeling relaxed. This is a good strain for anyone wanting to relieve symptoms associated with chronic pain, depression, and nausea. We knew how special our specific cultivation of the strain GMO Cookies was, but entering and winning four different awards for the same strain solidified our feelings.

We took home second place in People’s Choice for both the Licensed Flower Category and the Licensed “Cured/Solvent” category as well as Best Smokability in the Licensed Flower Category and Highest Cannabinoids in the “Cured Solvent” category. Let’s talk a little more about our take on GMO Cookies and how it smokes and tests.

StayElevated GMO Cookies Smokability
When we were awarded “Best Smokability” for our GMO Cookies strain, we immediately felt extreme honor. This award in our eyes is one of the most prestigious because our goal as a premium indoor cannabis brand is to produce high-quality flower that can elevate your everyday life. No one wants to smoke a strain everyday that consistently makes them hack up a lung every time they inhale. Instead, a true strain that can be used to elevate your daily life must hit smooth, taste exceptional, look stunning and frosty, and provide a lasting positive effect over the course of the high.

A true daily strain that helps you stay above the things that get you down must have a high-quality smokability. This award helped us feel even more confident in our mission statement to provide consistent quality bud that elevates daily life.

StayElevated GMO Cookies Lab Tests + Cannabinoid profile
Our GMO Cookies concentrate in the form of Diamonds, crystalline structures that develop in sauce – a cannabis concentrate known for its glossy, runny texture, tested in at 86.9% total cannabinoids which was the highest cannabinoid profile in the entire Cured/Solvent category. This high level of lab testing wasn’t just a one-time fluke for our concentrate submission. Our GMO Cookies strain has consistently tested for both flower AND concentrates with a gorgeous, high THC and cannabinoid profile. We are able to maintain these stunning results harvest over harvest because of our attention to detail in the cultivation process. Every single plant in our indoor facility gets individual attention to ensure the highest possible output.

2nd Place People’s Choice Licensed Flower Category
Best Smokability Licensed Flower Category
Lab Award in the Licensed “Cured Solvent” Category for Highest Cannabinoids
2nd Place in the People’s Choice Licensed “Cured/Solvent” Category

“The GMO from StayElevated smelled spectacular, and made us both take a mid-afternoon nap.”
“I was smoking some of StayElevated GMO Cookies yesterday! So freaking bomb, dude!”

The Farmers Cup 3 | Spring 2021
Despite being held in the midst of the COVID-19 global pandemic, dozens of California cannabis brands across a wide range of products came together to compete for The Farmers Cup. It was the largest of their virtual events to date with nearly 4x the amount of competitors and judges. You can view the awards list for the spring cup here.

The 710 Farmers Cup 2021 (Concentrates-Only)
The Farmers Cup is the first (and so-far only) Cannabis Competition in San Diego that gives the people who are the end-users the chance to judge from a wide variety of legal cannabis products. In honor of the date 7/10 (“OIL” upside down), they created the 710 Farmers Cup, a Concentrates-only edition of the Farmers Cup cannabis contest! Watch the award ceremony here.
San Diego Cannabis Community Beach Clean Up 2021

The people behind the Farmers Cup are extremely welcoming and compassionate. We wanted to get involved on another level with them as they strive to clean up San Diego area beaches and we were honored to help sponsor the July 2021 Community Beach Clean Up. Over 100 volunteers showed up, consisting of all ages, to help give back to the community and destigmatize cannabis. Watch the clean up video here.